The Foundations Course


Taking you from uncertainty, to confidence and freedom...

  • 6 key training module delivered via members portal

  • Lifetime access to the Members Portal & Monthly Huddle

  • Exclusive in-person events and member-only meetups

  • Monthly challenges offering an opportunity to win bonus rewards

  • Live monthly workshops with Gavin plus unscheduled sessions

  • Member-only group chat to help you grow your network

  • Free copy of Gavin's book and course workbook, both of which are currently in the works

  • Note: should you later decide to enrol in our full Accelerator program, the full cost of this course will be credited back to you.

  • Any questions or queries please contact [email protected]

What People Are Saying:

Gavin’s course is excellent and well worth joining. I had reservations about joining a course like this but I have made my money back tenfold with the connections and knowledge gained. Highly recommend joining and also listening to the podcast.

Robert Doyle

Gavin's course is hugely beneficial before you start your property investment journey. Problems that you didn't even realise existed can be avoided long before they crop up. Highly recommend.

David Sexton

€615 (€500 + VAT)

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