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Few industries offer the kind of rewards that an active career in the property sector can bring. But figuring out how it all works and understanding the complexities can take time and energy. The Elite Property training programs are split into different ability levels, from our beginner level Foundation program to our intermediate level Accelerator program.  Each is designed to rapidly bridge the gap between your current knowledge level and where it needs to be if you are going to succeed.  The next step on this journey is for you to assess what level of readiness you are currently at - do this now by taking the Property Investor Readiness Test and getting a real-time readiness score.

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Seeking guidance from an experienced professional?

Do you ever feel you lack the confidence to get started? Or overwhelmed or frustrated at the level of your knowledge?  Are you eager to create long-term, sustainable wealth but not sure where to start?

Let the Elite Property Accelerator guide you and help you avoid painful mistakes. 

Taking you from worry and uncertainty, to CONFIDENCE and FREEDOM.

Property Investor Readiness Test

A little about me…

I’ve been a property investor and developer for over twenty years now – I’ve experienced two major recessions and have a feeling we could soon enter a third. I got caught badly in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and spent the better part of a decade in damage control and paying off debt. I call that period 'my lost decade'.

The collateral damage from being careless and over-leveraged taught me some powerful and often painful lessons. Today I am motivated to share these experiences with like-minded investors, in the hope I can elevate your game, shape your investing habits and help you avoid some of the mistakes I made.

As a Director of Earlsfort Group I’ve been involved in the development of both residential and commercial real estate projects for more than two decades. Today I am responsible for operations at East Point, a large, award winning office campus developed by Earlsfort in the 1990's and 2000's.

East Point is home to 50+ corporate occupiers including Oracle and Google. On a typical day we could have upwards of 9,000 people working there. I spend a good deal of my time collaborating with occupiers in the design, development and operation of productive work environments that resonate and engage with a younger workforce.

Working with some of the worlds largest occupiers has also inspired me to question some of the conventional wisdom around how our industry goes about its business. I believe an innovative, collaborative approach to how we deliver buildings is a critical in this fast changing, digital world.

Fascinated by human behaviour, personal development and leadership, I write, speak and mentor on the topic of investment, mindset and resilience in real estate. I am also a keen follower of technology, innovation and how PropTech is transforming and disrupting the real estate industry.

This program is a response to the dozens of mentoring requests I received after launching my podcast Behind The Facade in April 2020. What began as a humble lockdown project has since evolved into a strong passion of mine, delving into a broad range of real estate based topics, from mindset and investment behaviour, to innovation, sustainability and the power of workplace design in the context of corporate culture.

What do I get from joining The Elite Property Accelerator?

I'm sure you've done plenty of research TRYING to find the right course for you?  What have you found so far..?

  • Prices range from 2k – 30k for 12 months!
  • Programs typically only accept 1-2 cohorts a year.
  • Limited access to the expert/instructor - typically meeting once a month.

What makes ELITE PROPERTY ACCELERATOR so different?

  • 6-month accelerator format with 4 principle modules lasting 6-weeks each.
  • Participate in the weekly online coaching sessions tied into each 6-week sprint.
  • Direct access to your coach through Facebook and the live Zoom coaching sessions.
  • Network and learn by joining our in-person graduation meetup sessions every 7 weeks.
  • Dive deep into our comprehensive online video platform with multiple modules and exercises.
  • Hone your investor presentation skills in a safe environment with live coach feedback and workshops.
  • Download multiple exercises and tip sheets with thinking tools and document templates.
  • Each module has a dozen or more videos, exercises and an 'end of sprint' project.
  • Network with like-minded investors, professionals and entrepreneurs.


What's Your Investor Readiness Score?

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