I‚Äôve been a property investor and developer for over thirty years now ‚Äď I‚Äôve experienced two major recessions and¬†maintain a constant¬†lookout¬†for the next.¬† I have bought, sold, built and managed real estate assets from Midtown Manhattan to Downtown Dubai and a lot of exciting places in between.¬† Four continents in total, including a short stint in West Africa.

As a young architect I discovered the extraordinary potential of property back when my very first investment produced a 5x return.  I took that profit and rolled it into a larger opportunity which quickly landed me a 3x return and I was off!  I kept repeating that process to tremendous success and in just 6 years had grown my portfolio to more than 65 million euro in value.

Then came 2008 and the Global Financial Crash.  All those years of runaway success had gone to my head and I was not ready for the total meltdown that followed.  My portfolio plunged in value by more than 60% and suddenly I found myself with massive debts and a shrinking portfolio the assets - at one point my net worth fell to 16 million negative!

I spent the better part of a decade in damage control, trying to dig myself out of a very deep hole.  I call that period of my life 'the lost decade' and resolved to spend the rest of my life helping others avoid a similar fate.  Whilst I would not wish the experience on my worst enemy, it has made me a much stronger investor and granted me a wealth of powerful insights.

Today I run EastPoint Dublin, an award-winning business campus comprising 1.5m sq.ft. of Grade-A commercial office accommodation, filled with large multi-national occupiers like Google, Oracle and Enterprise Ireland.  I could easily bore you with another 5,000 words on all the twists and turns I've experienced on this rollercoaster, but I think I'll save it for the book!  If you are interested, you can find an extended bio HERE. 

My promise to you is simple - confidence and resilience as an investor.  I take the role as a mentor and coach serious, I have seen firsthand the damage caused by careless decision making.  I have taken 30 years of experience and carefully distilled it down into a number of highly effective programs and courses that not only educate you, but equip you mentally and emotionally for the inevitable challenges that lie ahead as an investor.

I look forward to working with you.




From his first property investment in 1993, to the formation of his own development management & consulting business Galdevar Consultants in 1998, Gavin has 30-years of hands-on industry experience. 

Whether you're assembling a rental property portfolio one buy-to-let at a time, or you're already an experienced investor with multiple assets under your belt, you will benefit massively from having Gavin in your corner.

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In April 2020, as the World adjusted to life under strict lockdowns, Gavin decided to make the most of the disruption by hitting 'record' and starting his podcast Behind The Facade.  

What began as a lockdown experiment has since evolved into an extremely popular real estate news resource for investors all over the World.  The show regularly hits #1 in the 'Investing' genre.

The popularity of the podcast has led to speaking invitations at prestigious international conferences such as RecoTech in Helsinki and the Commercial Property Summit in London.



From my debt-fuelled commercial retail deals of the mid-2000's, to my role today as the Commercial Portfolio Director at the family firm Earlsfort Group, where I am responsible for our award-winning development East Point Business Park - I eat, sleep and breathe commercial property, particularly office and retail.

East Point is a 40-acre office campus developed by Earlsfort and home to 50+ corporate occupiers including global tech giants Oracle and Google. Before the pandemic, a typical day could see upwards of 9,000 people commute to work there.  However in today's new world of hybrid work the office is having to be reimagined and I like to believe I am at the forefront of that effort.

I spend a good deal of my time collaborating with occupiers in the design and operation of more productive work environments, that not only respond to the changing demands of the modern occupier but also resonate and engage with a younger and more demanding workforce. I believe an innovative approach to how buildings are delivered & run is crucial in this rapidly changing industry.

Fascinated by human behaviour, personal development and leadership, my favourite topics to write and speak about are around investor mindset and resilience in real estate. I am also a passionate advocate for sustainability and the reduction of carbon emissions by the real estate industry.




The overwhelmingly positive feedback Gavin has received from members of his podcast audience encouraged him to begin creating video content for YouTube (now also on TikTok).

From the topics being covered by his podcast, to free coaching sessions, to his opinion on industry news & events, to documenting his thoughts and progress on his projects and endeavours - something for everyone.


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